Commander and Chief (Dutton, 2007)

Commander and Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Albert Marrin

Lincoln was not a mythic figure nor was he a historical icon. He was a real man of sorrows and mystery, of enormous humanity and hard-won eloquence, who accepted and dedicated himself to the vast and elevating role that befell him. This biography is a portrait of Lincoln, weaving his own words and numerous contemporary accounts into a narrative that shows how this man, intelligent and deeply principled, yet cautious and somewhat prejudiced, grew to greatness as president and commander in chief.



One would have to look far and wide to find a better biography on [Lincoln]... This book is a must for all libraries wishing to have adequate material on the sixteenth president.

—Voice of Youth Advocate

Although there is no shortage of books on Abraham Lincoln, libraries will still want to make room for this one. Marrin. . . once again demonstrates his ability to write substantive books that never bore and that give readers new insights into much-explored historical figures.


The narrative is skillfully constructed and expressed in a strong, compelling style. The descriptions of Lincoln’s gradual mastery of military strategy and tactics, and his often tense relations with his officers, are riveting...

—School Library Journal