Saving the Buffalo (Scholastic, 2006)

Saving the Buffalo (Scholastic, 2006)

Albert Marrin

Saving the Buffalo is the story of how this remarkable animal reached the brink of extinction within a century and how, through the efforts of the early conservationist movement, it was saved. It is a celebration of one of America’s icons.


A lesser author might quail at the thought of producing a 128 page lushly illustrated, meticulously cited, and FUN book recounting the history of this King of the Plains. You, however, are Albert Marrin and you've got skills (as they say in the biz). So lo and behold this is the result: "Saving the Buffalo", by Albert Marrin. More interesting than it has any right to be, Marrin skillfully tells not only the tale of what a buffalo was and how it was saved, but also how they fit into the plain's ecological balance alongside the larger implications of their near disappearance. . .” this is one of the foremost non-fiction titles of 2006 and a heckuva good read to boot. Kids will find it interesting, adults will find it informative, and people who are entirely picture oriented will be able to take something from it as well. Great, great stuff.

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