Inca & Spaniard (Atheneum, 1989)

Inca & Spaniard: Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru

Albert Marrin

The facts of Pizarro’s life are presented as we learn how his small band of Spanish adventurers conquered the Inca Empire. While teaching us about Pizarro and the conquest of Peru, Albert Marrin traces, as well, the origins of the Incas and helps us learn about their culture.


...Marrin zeros in on a particular period and people, bringing them to life. He begins with a fascinating introduction to the Incas, an industrious people commanded in every detail of their lives by the Sapa Inca. ...Marrin goes on to profile Francisco Pizarro, whose zealous desire to become “somebody” led to his obsession with gold and his eventual clash with the Incas whom he conquered when they were immersed in a civil war. There are few heroes here; those portrayed are mostly depressingly real: greedy, insensitive, even inhumane. This realism... is what makes the book so compelling and will draw better readers to the drama.