Struggle for a Continent (Atheneum, 1987)

Struggle for a Continent: The French and Indian Wars 1690-1760

Albert Marrin

Struggle for a Continent brings each stage of the wars into sharp focus, vividly recreating the years of ruthless fighting that paved the way for another conflict that began in 1776—the American Revolution.


Marrin brings history to life in his study of the events that led up to the French and Indian wars, telling how those events contributed to the colonists’ search for independence. In the author’s capable hands the readers will be drawn into an understanding of Indian tribal customs, the harsh life of the French and English settlers, and the European politics that sparked conflicts in the new world. ...[The] prose captures the drams of history with the immediacy of an adventure novel through deft weaving of small, indelible details of life in the colony, fort, frontier, and tribe.


Readers will come away from this book knowing why people acted as they did, why these wars were important, and how their outcome influenced history.

—School Library Journal