The Airman’s War (Atheneum, 1982)

The Airman’s War: World War11 in the Sky

Albert Marrin

This is the story of the Air Force in World War11—the dreamers and the strategic planners; the bomber crews and the fighter pilots; the planes they flew. The Airman’s War tells exactly how World War 11 was fought in the air, without glossing over the mistakes and the horror. It is the story of heroism in every area, but also the story of sacrifice and enormous loss of life, in the air and on the ground.



This is a well-written book that introduces us to the famous aviators and incredible aircraft of World War II. Professor Marrin has woven so much disparate detail into an interesting, fast-paced story. The strength of the book is that while demonstrating the superiority of the airplanes of World War II, Marrin also clearly shows that war is a waste.

—Brigham Young University Children’s Book Review