Victory in the Pacific (Atheneum, 1983)

Victory in the Pacific

Albert Marrin

This is a fascinating and dramatic story of the United States Navy and Marine Corps and the part they played in achieving victory in the Pacific when on a quiet Sunday, December 7, 1941, World War 11 in the Pacific began. The reader can also learn how a submarine works and what it was like to be stationed on one, the basic structures of a battleship and an aircraft carrier, how torpedoes and depth charges were aimed and about the big guns and the ships they were fired from.


Marrin continues to prove himself a military historian who has the knack of getting his information across to young people in a highly readable manner. Marrin’s last books, The Airman’s War and Operation Overlord were excellent contributions to the World War II genre. Now comes this equally fine account of the battles that raged in the Pacific theater. Beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the book relates what happened in those less-known places Midway, Betio, and Guadalcanal that were to have such a great impact upon the war... Another solid offering on a continuously interesting subject.


GREAT....good read and treasure it now!!

—Amazon Review