Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars (Atheneum, 1990)

Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars

Albert Marrin

Breaking every military rule, Napoleon conquered Europe and changed the face of war, creating the first mass army—and the first mass graves. In a chronicle moving from Napoleon’s grueling march of conquest across the African deserts to the tragic retreat through the deadly Russian winter, Albert Marrin paints a portrait of one of the greatest military geniuses of all time.



An outstanding book about Napoleon and his era. As the title indicates, Marrin – while not neglecting Napoleon’s other accomplishments – focuses on his subject’s military genius, with thorough descriptions of weapons, campaigns, battles, and opponents such as Nelson and Wellington. He gives a balanced analysis of Napoleon, does an excellent job of putting things in context, and provides a wealth of detail. Marrin’s study is truly fascinating, not merely educational; it should become the definitive work on this period of French history.

—School Library Journal

This book was amazing! It captured his personal side, tempered and loony along with the side that everyone was supposed to see, perfect, superior, Napoleon! Albert Marrin had EVERYTHING. This was the best book I have read in a long time....... It went through his ups and downs, his birth to his death. Napoleon was such an exiting political figure anything ABOUT him has to be exciting, but this was a VERY, VERY good book.

—Amazon, a young reader