Stalin (Viking, 1988)

Stalin: Russia’s Man of Steel

Albert Marrin

It was to be a nation ruled by the people, yet in reality it was controlled by one man. Hailed in public demonstrations of devotion as a benevolent father to this people, he was known and feared by his associates as the man who signed tens of millions to death. The world knew him as Stalin—“Man of Steel.” Albert Marrin tells the story of the man who shaped a nation born in revolution, and of the promise denied and the losses endured by the people who built his superpower.


As enthusiastic as he is knowledgeable, Marrin once again conveys the drama and turbulence of history. He has written a compelling historical perspective that is every bit as readable and fascinating as it is rich in fact.


I absolutely love Albert Marrin. He is an excellent author for history, especially for high school. He has a pleasant writing style, and includes many detailed examples. I read Stalin before I had my thirteen year old read it, and I was impressed. Marrin not only includes a biography of Stalin, but he adds much information about the Russian Revolution, Lenin, Hitler, WWII, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Much of Marrin's histories are this way. He takes a big chunk of history and puts it all together so we can see the entire picture. Excellent read!

—Amazon Review