Hitler (Viking, 1987)


Albert Marrin

From a penniless tramp, he rose to wield more power than any other man in history. He reshaped the mind of a country, built an unstoppable army from the remnants of a crushed nation—and committed murder on an unimaginable scale. Adolf Hitler experienced a rise as swift and inevitable as his fall. Containing new insights into his early life, and capturing all the drama and devastation of two World Wars, Hitler, Albert Marrin presents a portrait of the man who brought the world to war.


Marrin combines narrative flair with scholarship to recreate the life story of Adolf Hitler and the devastating effect of his life on world history. He draws a riveting account that is informative, illuminating and inescapably painful. The need for remembrance is well served by this lucid, skillfully constructed chronicle.

—The Horn Book Magazine

Marrin’s book stands out for it lively writing, its emphasis on personal anecdote, its value as a reference source, and its insight into the nature of totalitarianism.

—School Library Journal

This was the first book I've read about Hitler, and it was recommended reading for our history curriculum. My son and I both enjoyed the reading style which provided a lot of information without being too wordy. I like the Albert Marrin books because they give the information in a straight forward manner.

—Amazon Review