The Secret Armies (Atheneum, 1985)

The Secret Armies: Spies, Counterspies, and Saboteurs in World War II

Albert Marrin

Secret Armies tells the story of how the British spy Intrepid and a four-man Norwegian team prevented the Germans from manufacturing an ingredient needed in the atom bomb. It is also the story of the undercover activities by spies and members of the Resistance movement in Europe helped to turn the tide of the Second World War, ensuring the Allied victory.


...Integrating material from many sources into a very readable description and explanation of events, Marrin covers the work of many men and women as intelligence and espionage agents, resistance fighters, code breakers, and even assassins. The admirable skill and thoroughness of Britain’s Special Operations Executive and the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, the strenuous training of recruited agents, the heroism and desperation of individuals fighting the Gestapo, and the grim circumstances of torturing and killing both in and outside the concentration camps are all part of the story.

—The Horn Book Magazine