War Clouds in the West (Atheneum, 1984)

War Clouds in the West: Indians & Cavalrymen- 1860-1890

Albert Marrin

Crazy Horse, war chief of the Oglala Sioux said: "We did not ask you white men to come here. The Great Spirit gave us this country as a home... gave us plenty of land to live on, and buffalo, deer, antelope and other game. But you have come here. You are taking my land from me... We do not want your civilization! We would live as our fathers did." War Clouds in the West is a story of courage and heroism, stupidity and cowardice, desperation and bitterness for both Indians and Cavalry.


The brutal thirty-year struggle for the West is recounted in a book that covers the same period as Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, but that is more accessible to young readers. Furthermore, it provides both historical and cultural perspective. . . . Although the lack of sufficient documentation limits its reference value, the volume is a dramatic, readable account enlivened by a selection of captioned historical photographs and art.

—The Horn Book Magazine