Plains Warrior (Atheneum, 1996)

Plains Warrior: Chief Quanah Parker and the Comanches

Albert Marrin

Quanah Parker was the last great Comanche war chief. He led the Quahadi group of Comanches on the warpath with raids in Mexico and in Texas, and the U. S. Cavalry, under “Bad Hand” Mackenzie, on wild chases through the Quahadi’s Staked Plain homeland. The child of a white woman who had been kidnapped at age nine and adopted into the Comanche tribe and a Comanche war chief, Quanah, lived to experience some of the most dramatic and tragic years of American history.


This fine new history from veteran writer Marrin is every bit as engrossing as his award winning 1994 Books Unconditional Surrender and Virginia’s General. . . He melds biographical information about Comanche leader Quanah Parker with a balanced carefully documented history of the relationship between settlers and the Comanches.