The Sea King (Atheneum, 1995)

The Sea King: Sir Frances Drake and his Times

Albert Marrin

Sir Francis Drake was a man of many facets. One of the greatest mariners to sail the sea, he was a superb navigator and commander. Masters in overseas exploration by the end of the fifteenth century, Spain and Portugal claimed new lands, as well any yet-to-be discovered lands, for themselves. England, weary of Spanish and Portuguese domination and wealth, was badly in need of a sea hero. Sir Francis Drake seemed to fit all the qualifications. The Sea King will take readers n a journey through the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition, the often unbearable circumstances of life at sea, and the dramatic adventures of the Spanish Armada.


Marrin once again focuses on a complex, flamboyant figure as a way to introduce an extraordinary protean age. Hero or villain, Drake emerges as an unforgettable persona in a masterly work.